GALO Token

$GALO Token

$GALO is our own token, that is, our own digital active unit of value entrenched in our Galo project.

Interact with your galos and get to be part of our extensive community.

Believing in $GALO is believing in the future.

How to buy $GALO?

We have our own decentralized exchange (DEX) platform. There you can buy our token and other projects.

You can also transfer tokens from the Galo network through a Bridge.

What does it do?

GALO was created to pay transactions within the Exchange of the Galobank platform, as well as the gas fees required to carry out any transactions within the Galo network.

Other uses

  • Trading discount: commissions within the platform with the $GALO cryptocurrency will have a 25% discount.
  • Training: Galobank will be a strong promoter of advanced financial education programs that facilitate access to banking services and incorporation into the new decentralized financial services. $GALO will provide its users with preferential access to our programs.
  • Trade: $GALO can be traded for other cryptocurrencies and tokens, on our own network and soon on other external networks, as well as on exchanges.
  • Governance: Those who have $GALO have the right to participate in the governance mechanism of the Galo chain. The level of this right depends on the amount of $GALO at stake.
  • Payments: Physical businesses may allow goods and services to be paid using the $GALO cryptocurrency.