GaloBank provides customed products to its business customers in order to facilitate business management and improve control over their treasury.

  • Business account designed for multi-currency management, by integrating accounts with FIAT assets and DeFi wallets that can maximize the treasury, access to all the information on their balances and movements both on the web and in the APP. The platform will allow issuing any type of report to provide the customer with the best monitoring and control of their economy.

  • Fast and secure transfers anywhere in the world under conditions of maximum safety.

  • Payment gateway and e-commerce services, using blockchain and smart contract technology. This innovative service will deliver high added value to exporting and importing companies, still providing the best guarantees in terms of their foreign trade operations, and allowing all parties to join in a single contract, thus facilitating the traceability of operations and the optimal result for all parties involved in the business.

  • POS solutions/payment gateway for businesses and SMEs that help speed up sales, payments and collections, registrations, inventory and many other administrative procedures, without hidden costs or long-terms commitments and with the best Cash Back offers (up tp 8%) to promote their use.