Current account in over 18 FIAT currencies

Galobank ofrece a sus clientes diferentes cuentas bancarias, una para disponer de fondos en el momento en que los necesites, y otra para ahorrarlos si es que no requieres liquidez en el corto plazo.

Tendrá acceso a todo la información de sus saldos y movimientos tanto en soporte web como en la APP. La plataforma permitirá emitir cualquier tipo de informe para facilitar al cliente el mejor seguimiento y control de su economía

La seguridad es otro factor destacado de nuestro Banco. Todas las cuentas disponen del sistema de acceso biométrico y de la doble autentificación para poder acceder a las mismas disminuyendo notablemente el riesgo de fraude y suplantaciones de identidad.

Nuestra plataforma será compatible con otras plataformas de pago y herramientas DeFi como los wallet para facilitar los movimientos entre ellas.

GaloBank provides different bank accounts to its customers, one in order to make funds available when needed, and another one to save funds if no liquid assets are required in the short term.

They will have access to all the information on their balances and movements both on the web and in the APP. The platform will allow issuing any type of report to provide the customer with the best monitoring and control of their economy.

Safety is another outstanding factor of our Bank. In terms of access, all accounts are provided with a biometric access system and double authentication, significantly reducing the risk of fraud and identity theft.

Our platform will be compatible with other DeFi payment platforms and tools, such as wallets, to facilitate movements between the latter.

National and international transfers

The GaloBank platform will allow national and international transfers to both own and third-party accounts under the best international quality and safety standards.

Transfer or regular payments programming service.

E-mail and telephone notifications showing the transactions in and out of the account.

To facilitate social inclusion, our platform will also provide a remittance service for immigrants that automates cash withdrawal on the target market, either in conventional foreign currencies or in any DeFi asset or service. For this purpose, “tailor made” products will be created.

Payment gateway and e-commerce services for companies and SMEs using the technology and the smart contracts of our blockchain. This innovative service will deliver high added value to exporting and importing companies, still providing the best guarantees in terms of their foreign trade operations.

Cryptocurrencies Wallet and Staking

Galobank is meant to be an innovative project, a bank between two worlds, which, on one hand, facilitates the access of those who are currently outside the financial system to banking services, and, on the other hand, promotes and facilitates the access to decentralized products in a friendly way.

Our platforms will allow integrating the traditional wallets of customers with the bank accounts under their sole ownership, so that the customers have access to the most innovative and profitable products that the DeFi environment can provide:

  • staking in any decentralized protocol.
  • liquidity pool in different assets.
  • speculative trading with crypto assets.

Cryptocurrencies exchange

The Galobank platform includes an exchange or foreign currency exchange office to trade any type of assets, whether they are foreign currencies or cryptocurrencies.

Our platform will also incorporate analysis tools and management indicators to be able to trade all the assets included.